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The reputation of a trademark is not improvised.

With more than 60 years behind us, at Melchor Gabilondo S.A., we base our reputation on a tradition of quality, credibility and know-how, which is renewed on a daily basis and is enhanced by generations of professionals committed to improving the high quality of our tools and guaranteeing a promising future for the Mega trademark.


Our equipment is of daily assistance in the most demanding workshops all over the world. A determined vocation for service, a long and solid exporting tradition and a serious, transparent and select distribution policy are the keys behind our international reputation and expansion.

Leader in the sector

We are committed to sustained and controlled expansion, balanced growth, without compromising our quality or the exclusivity of our products.

Tempted by diversification, we are selective. We aim to work with prestigious distributors who share our values and protect our reputation in an operation of mutual strengthening and fair reciprocity.


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Address: Polígono Industrial Eitua, 22 - 48240 Berriz (Vizcaya-España)

Tel.: 00 34 94 622 50 90
Fax: 00 34 94 622 52 78

Domestic sales department:
Tel.: 94 622 50 30
Fax: 94 682 73 50

Export department:
Tel.: 00 34 94 622 50 90
Fax: 00 34 94 622 52 78