Basic configuration
Safety instructions
Choose a cylinder or pump

This hydraulic equipment can be used in virtually all types of industry. From a basic pump and cylinder set, you can build many different system configurations by adding components and accessories.

Complete configuration with two double-acting cylinders

01Cylinder. To raise the load.
02Pump. Creates the hydraulic flow.
03Hose. Transmits the oil flow.
04Male quick coupler. Quick connection.
05Female quick coupler. Quick connection.
06Gauge. To control pressure.
07Gauge adapter. To mount the gauge.
08Safety valve. Locks the load on raised cylinder.
09Shutoff valve. Shuts the oil flow and locks the load on raised cylinder.
10Safety relief valve. Avoids accidental overpressure.
11Manifold. To distribute the oil flow.
12Male connector. To connect different components.

Other configurations

01Basic configuration with one single-acting cylinder
02Complete configuration with two single-acting cylinders
03Basic configuration with one double-acting cylinder

Read carefully the safety, user and maintenance instructions provided with the equipment. If these basic rules are not followed injury to the user, the hydraulic equipment or the load to be lifted may result.

Position the cylinder on a solid, even and horizontal surface.
Never use the cylinder on a slope.
Keep a safe distance from the load during operation.
Never position any part of your body under the load. Always secure the load with mechanical stands.
Clean couplers before connecting and make sure the connections are securely tightened.
Never exceed the rated capacity of the cylinder. It is strongly recommended the use of a gauge to check the pressure.
Prevent hoses from sharp bending and do not drop objects on them.
Never disconnect couplers unless the piston is fully retracted. Always use a safety cock to block the cylinder.
Avoid extreme heat and temperatures over 65ºC.
Never use cylinders without a saddle. The saddle helps centre the load.
Never use excessive tightening force that may damaga the fittings. Do not use tools.
Never use extensions on hand pumps or jacks. Use only the lever provided.